PacJAM Ramblers has been PacJAM’s house band since 2021. These 7 youth from Tryon, NC & Landrum, SC have been learning together at PacJAM for the last 8 years. Now teens, they choose & arrange their own material with help from PacJAM’s dedicated coaches. While their repertoire is mostly made of classics in the Old Time & Bluegrass repertoire, they also delight in modern icons like Johnny Cash and Loretta Lynn, and even take a go at mash-up songs, like Love Canon’s version of Land Down Under.

Eli Aldrich (bass, 15) who is also proficient at piano, is currently the sole guy in PacJAM Ramblers, adding his expressive bass lines and vocals to the sound.

Sarah Doan (fiddle, vocals, 16) only plays fiddle – never violin – and comes from a musical family. She takes the lead in arranging the groups’ set lists.

Hannah Lee (guitar, 16) attends Mars Hill Old Time Week each summer, and is a Wayne Henderson Scholarship recipient for furthering her musical studies.

Meredith Peek (guitar, 17) says her commitment to PacJAM has really paid off: “Learning from different instructors over the years enriches your experience with your instrument. And being in a band or playing in a jam is so much fun, not to mention you get to hear different versions of songs and make new friends.”

Emmalyn Rathbone (mandolin, vocals, 15) has music in her blood, with local legends Phil & Gaye Johnson as grandparents. Emmalyn plays mandolin in the group, but equally loves her ukulele & electric guitar.

Anna & Ella Tokar (fiddle, vocals, 16; mandolin, vocals, 15) were raised learning how to sing harmony to Kentucky ballads taught to their mom by their grandmother. Ella loves how JAM teaches her to “get used to music that can be laid back and still professional.” Anna, who is also a writer, spent many years on classical violin,
before fully devoting her time to fiddle.