You’ve never “herd” anything like them. Grassroots music at its finest, Pretty Little Goat formed in 2013 through their common grounding in the deep well of local tradition found in the mountains of Western North Carolina that they call home. As young lovers of old-time music, Pretty Little Goat began winning string band competitions early on with their hard driving style. Since then, they have been drawing inspiration from local traditions, coupled with a lifestyle close to the land to create a unique collection of timeless original music. Pretty Little Goat sees traditional music is a living art form – vibrant and evolving – and their energy and creativity on stage reflect that. They will get you dancing with a diverse array of old-time fiddle tunes, swingy country two-step numbers, and rollicking mountain hoedowns, while in turn offering heartfelt ballads and sweet harmonies. Pushing out a sound unidentifiable by time, their music is “as close as we will ever be to our past while being as current as we need it to be.” (Mike Ashworth, Steep Canyon Rangers) Don’t miss the Goats!