Coming Summer of 2020, Right Now is a cosmic map of the new and glistening journeys of TWISTED PINE, the Boston-based spacecraft of a band that was once bluegrass but is now “something else, a wider version of a stringband, boundary jumpers akin to outfits like Punch Brothers, Nickel Creek, and Crooked Still [The Boston Globe].” The soundscape for this full-length sophomore release has all the sass of zero-gravity pop; the grooves of 2 a.m. funk jams; the astral flute and shoobedoos of 70s radio. “Punch Brothers meets Jean-Luc Ponty and Ian Anderson [Jethro Tull],” writes Folk Alley of the instrumental track “Amadeus Party” — and yet the lyric narratives are packed with the elements of earthling mountain music. “Right Now” aims to shut the careless mouth of an ex. “Papaya” whispers, “Don’t just pass me right by.”  “Dreamaway” describes a faith that comes and goes. “Don’t Come Over Tonight” demands a night off from a guy’s opinions. The covers pay homage to Father John Misty and Tex Logan — two points that intersect the plane of this exquisite world. Twisted Pine is Kathleen Parks (Newburgh, NY) on fiddle and lead vox; Dan Bui (Houston, TX) on mandolin; Chris Sartori (Concord, MA) on bass; and Twisted Pine’s newest addition, Anh Phung (Chilliwack, BC) on flute. Everybody sings. Twisted Pine plays under the influence of explorers Jerry Douglas (with whom the band occasionally tours), Bela Fleck, Sierra Hull, Billy Strings, The Wood Brothers, and Lake Street Dive and Crooked Still (label mates at Signature Sounds Recordings). Right Now was produced by Twisted Pine and by Dan Cardinal at Dimension Sound in Jamaica Plain (Boston), MA.

 An upbeat, poppy vibe; energetic, driving rhythms; virtuosic solos; tight harmonies. This is definitely a band to watch — National Public Radio 

 Each member of this band is a runaway freight train of talent on their own, but together the jubilance of sound they unleash on a crowd is something to be marveled  — Redlineroots

 So grooving, and low volume! — Vulfpeck 

 The band’s 2020 album “Right Now” is progressive bluegrass or maybe chamber folk, or prog rock, or jazz fusion or just pop with an experimental bent. Whatever the genre, give the group a bluegrass Grammy for good measure — Jed Gottlieb, The Boston Herald

 I have been a fan of Twisted Pine for three years now. I’ve watched them evolve, much as their band name suggests, into the wonderful ensemble they are today. They are full of hair-pin turns and stop-on-a-dime arrangements that you won’t see coming. Each one is an accomplished musician with lots more to show us down the road. I have only great things to say about them. Their vocals are creative and always interesting in ways you don’t see anywhere else. And sometimes they let me sit in. God speed little Pines! — Jerry Douglas, Nashville, Tennessee 

 [Twisted Pine has toured in support of Jerry Douglas and the Earls of Leicester.]

 Hear now the joyfully learned, deeply felt and freely flowing language of a thousand inspirations from a collection of common ground that is the wonder whirled of Twisted Pine — Joe Craven